For Post Corona Future Society in Japan


SICE WG for Post Corona Future Society in Japan

SICE has launched a new special Working Group for Post Corona Future Society in Japan.



Society 5.0, proposed by Japan, is based on the technology of cyber-physical systems, and aims to realize a human-centered super-smart society. The measurement, control, and systems covered by SICE is expected to be a central technology in the approach to Society 5.0 due to its cross-disciplinary nature. This working group will create a platform for multidisciplinary cooperation toward Society 5.0, and to organize and define its key concepts and terminology.

Faced by the global outbreak of the new coronavirus, the construction of a robust and resilient human-centered social system has become an urgent task for all mankind. Digital transformation (DX) has been carried out on a trial-and-error basis in various fields, which has revealed many technical and social problems as well as its benefits. Based on this unprecedented experience, the working group will propose a new science and technology platform that is needed to realize a human-centered super-smart society by reexamining the role of academic societies in a post-corona society. The proposal will also mention the contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put forward by the United Nations.

The proposal of the working group will provide an opportunity for researchers and engineers who have already begun research related to the super-smart society to review their own research and development issues from a broader perspective. It is also for researchers and engineers who have not been directly involved in the super-smart society to present approaches to the research and provide opportunities to enter this field. The proposal will be shared among SICE members, as well as with other academic societies and relevant government agencies, where we introduce the approaches to the super-smart society that SICE is already working on, and show examples of research issues that will be important in realizing the SDGs and a post-corona society, with which we hope the researchers and engineers can develop into collaborative works.